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The Trish Nash Team has been doing real estate in the Henderson area for over 20 years. Trish Nash herself, has been ranked among the top 1% of highest producing realtors that practice in the United States today. With winning over 50 awards for her expertise and professionalism; it’s no surprise to me that this team goes the “extra mile” as mentioned across many different articles in magazines and news websites. After receiving a business submission from the Trish Nash Team, I had to go and use these services for myself to see what all the fuss was about.

My Experience

After giving them a call, setting the appointment, looking at all the homes for sale that met my criteria, I was quite impressed. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a realtor, there’s too much involved. These people have to become a master of multiple different skills; at least as I saw while going through my real estate transaction with them. Many realtors will try and push you to buy the most expensive home as well; the Trish Nash Team did not. I felt very comfortable and as if I was truly being taken care of by someone I can trust. And that’s a very difficult thing for me to say.

When it comes to trusting a business, it gets a little tough to know who you can trust since you don’t know who they actually are. When it comes to making money, any business owner would do whatever they can to close a deal; and with this being known, it makes it a lot harder to trust a realtor when you’re buying a home with them. Selling your home on the other hand, is a totally different story. You can imagine a realtor trying to up the price as he will get a better commission, and you as the home seller would make more of a profit on your home. So you see, if selling you automatically win. With buying, you run into the same problems everyone has when trying to trust a good business owner.

Are realtors even business owners?

All realtors are considered business owners and work under the authority of REALTOR. This company is so massive that they, for the most part, don’t care if realtors use slightly dirty tactics just to close deals. There are too many real estate agents that exist today; especially for them to keep a successful eye on all of these possible deceptive practices. All we know for certain is that these people want to make money, which may actually be a plus for some savvy real estate investors.

All in all, realtors are under their own entity in regards to money making. The money they make does indeed get kicked up to the brokerage they work for. But, as a general rule of thumb, as independant contractors they’re considered their own business. Although this may be confusing to most, checking out this article will help you learn more.

Trusting a Real Estate Agency

People need to be assured of a realtor they can trust. But not just a real estate agent, the company that backs the agent and all his procedures and ethics. The Trish Nash Team is a great company that backs their realtors with dignity. This gives us great trust in all realtors that work under them on that team. In my experience with using them, I can assure anyone that uses any realtor from this company will be happy with the service.

Most of the times I’ve used a realtor, I can easily say that I only get about a 20th of a fraction of what the Trish Nash Team did for me. If you’re looking for any real estate agents in Henderson, NV – Trish Nash Team has you covered. Call their offices if you have any questions about their offerings. Or if you’d like to simply make an appointment. Also feel free to visit them on their communities page to learn more about their specialized communities.

Trish Nash Team

2270 Corporate Cir Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89074

(702) 521-8200

M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm



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